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McGuiness Vegan Pizza

Vegan Pizza in Dublin | 10 Brilliant Places that Serve a Vegan Slice

Vegan pizza is awesome! Nothing beats a good slice with a fresh base and delicious toppings. Drool… Of course, you could make your own, but if you’re walking the streets of Dublin and looking for a quick fix in the ...
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Is Ireland Vegan Friendly

Is Ireland Vegan Friendly?

Like many other countries, Ireland is slowly opening its heart and mind to the principles of animal rights. Over the years, we have witnessed firsthand some major positive transformations. Only two decades ago, it seemed like there wasn’t much hope, ...
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Fun things to do in Irealnd

10 Fun Things to Do in Ireland | Vegan Friendly List

The list of fun things to do in Ireland is pretty much endless. The combination of interesting sights, breathtaking landscapes, friendly people, and a unique culture makes Ireland a popular destination with an abundance of fun and exciting things to ...
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On the Pig's Back Vegan Burger Dublin

Vegan Burgers in Dublin | 11 Hot Spots to Grab a Delicious Vegan Burger

Our favorite type of activism is eating as much delicious vegan food as we possibly can. Showing the world that there is a high demand for vegan dishes, and subsequently helping increase the vegan options available, might be a tough ...
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Vegan Ireland Vacation

Vegan-Friendly Holiday in Ireland | Planning and Organizing Your Vegan Irish Vacation

Are you are planning your vacation to Ireland and looking to maximise your holiday time? Would you like to receive guidance and advise from local vegan experts so you can sample some of Ireland’s most delicious foods and drinks? Vegan ...
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Vegan High Tea

Vegan Afternoon Tea in Dublin | 3 Dazzling Spots for Vegan High Tea in Dublin City

To be honest, we didn’t think High Tea (also known as Afternoon Tea) was even a thing in Dublin of the 21st century. We thought it was the stuff of Victorian Times, only to be seen in TV programs and ...
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Sova Vegan Butcher

5 Reasons to Dine at Sova Vegan Butcher | Review

After hearing such great things about the food served in Sova Vegan Butcher, we just couldn’t wait to get there and try it out for ourselves. The experience was great, and the food served actually managed to exceed our high ...
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Dublin Vegan Restaurants

Dublin Vegan Restaurants | 10 Best Vegan Dining Options in Dublin

Dublin is a fun and vibrant city. It has the best of shops, great restaurants, fun bars, and some wonderful hidden gems. Given all that, it's hard to believe that the Irish capital has just a handful of completely vegan ...
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