Vegan Pizza in Dublin | 10 Brilliant Places that Serve a Vegan Slice

Vegan pizza is awesome! Nothing beats a good slice with a fresh base and delicious toppings. Drool…

Of course, you could make your own, but if you’re walking the streets of Dublin and looking for a quick fix in the form of a vegan slice – this Dublin vegan pizza guide is just for you.

Here are 10 places that serve vegan pizza in Dublin which simply hits the spot:

#1 Aperitivo – Pizzeria

Aperitivo pizzeria, at the edge of Temple Bar, is one of our favorite spots in Dublin. It’s a small, friendly, with great atmosphere! Whenever we stop here with the Vegan Dublin Food Tour guests – we get happy guest looks all around as soon as we walk through the door. Something here is just right; and that’s also reflected in their loyal crowd which keeps coming back.

Aperitivo’s pizza: The management of Aperitivo really goes all out thinking about their vegan and gluten-free clientele. And when it comes to pizza – you’ll have lots of choice with their full vegan menu which includes various vegan pizza options, which can also be made with a gluten-free crust! Our favourites are their Vegan Green (made with vegan pesto sauce instead of the traditional tomato base), and their Meat Feast – yes, that’s right: a vegan pizza covered in vegan cheese, bacon and sausages! – They just did that.

Vegan Pizza Dublin Aperitivo
Two of Aperitivo’s vegan pizzas. To the left: Aperitivo’s Vegan Green, to the right: Aperitivo’s Vegan Meat Feast

Other vegan options at Aperitivo: In addition to their pizza, Aperitivo also offers vegan paninis (our favorite is the vegan BLT), and daily changing desserts (Yes to Vegan Tiramisu and their Scrumptious chocolate cake!). One thing is sure – they have the recipe to make you leave happy.

Location:  6 Parliament St, Temple Bar, Dublin.




#2 The Back Page – Café, Bar, and Pizzeria

The Back Page in Phibsborough has a bar, a café, a sundeck, a game room with ping-pong table, board games, computer games; AND a pizzeria with vegan options! Now what more can a hungry human looking to be entertained possibly ask for?

The Back Page pizza: While the vegan pizza option at The Back Page isn’t on the pizzeria menu yet (new pizzeria menu coming soon), you can see it on their café menu, boasting spinach, cashew nuts, wild mushrooms, red peppers, and cherry tomatoes, with freshly made red vegan pesto. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can build your own, choosing from a variety of vegan toppings such as olives, sweet corn, beetroot, apples, walnuts, pineapple, and other creative offerings with which you can experiment.

Vegan Pizza Dublin The Back Page
Vegan Pizza at the back page: games, fun and a vegan slice.

Other vegan options at The Back Page: In addition to the vegan pizza, The Back Page café also offers vegan soup, hummus, and panini.

On Mondays through Fridays they also offer 12 euro pizza & pint deal.
Advanced booking isn’t necessary, but advisable.

Location: 199 Phibsborough Road, Dublin 7.


#3 Zizzi – Italian Restaurant Chain

The Italian restaurant chain, Zizzi, has two beautifully designed Dublin locations that offer a great setting for their delightful vegan pizza. This is a great place for a night out and to bring your non-vegan friends, as it is dressed to impress.

Zizzi’s pizza: The Zizzi Vegan Margherita Rustica Pizza is a true classic, made with a thin base, tomato sauce, basil, and vegan cheese. If you prefer your pizza with more toppings, you can choose from their vegan toppings menu, which includes artichokes, caramelized balsamic onions, fire roasted peppers, and other lovely veg.

Vegan Pizza Dublin Zizzi
Vegan Pizza at Zizzi, with our choice of artichoke, olives, and vegan cheese.

Other vegan options at Zizzi: In addition to their vegan pizza, Zizzi also offers other wonderful vegan items such as garlic bread, bruschetta, pasta, side dishes and desserts.

Location 1: Zizzi on 24 Suffolk Street, Dublin 2.
Location 2: Zizzi in Dundrum Town Center, 3 Pembroke District, Dublin 16.


#4 Steps of Rome – Italian Restaurant

Steps of Rome is an Italian family business that’s been part of the Dublin culinary scene for over 20 years. They recently settled into their new location in Milltown, but even with the move, they are still committed to their mission to serve the best pizza in Dublin. Serving a vegan pizza is definitely keeping them on track with that goal!

Steps of Rome pizza: The Steps of Rome vegan pizza is a classic mix of tomato sauce, vegan cheese (or vegan parmesan), and a variety of toppings.

Vegan Pizza in Steps of Rome
Vegan Pizza in Steps of Rome

Other vegan options at Steps of Rome: In addition to their pizza, Steps of Rome also offers vegan salads such as their Caprese Salad made with Silky tofu, and a multitude of pasta dishes.

Location: No 1, Bird Avenue, Milltown, Dublin 14.

#5 Milano – Italian Restaurant Chain

The Italian restaurant chain, Milano, has has recently introduced a vegan pizza to their menu, making the chain a little more vegan friendly!

Milano’s pizza: The Milano vegan pizza is called Vegan Giardiniera, and is made with vegan mozzarella, topped with artichoke, mushrooms, red onions, and black olives.

Location: Milano is quite an established chain with many locations around Dublin. I your heart is set on their pizza, look for a location near by.


#6 Dublin Pizza Company – Delivery and Take Away

Wood fire oven really does give pizzas that extra dimension for a complete YUM effect. You might not be able to sit for a meal, but looking at the stretching line of people waiting to get their order in, you’ll know that this place does pizza right! 

The pizza: Dublin Pizza Company has one vegan pizza on their menu, called the Vegan Melanza. It is made with roasted aubergine, cherry tomatoes, grilled onions, smoked garlic, toasted pine nuts, rocket leaves, and olive oil, and is baked in the pizzeria’s wood fire oven.

Location: 32 Aungier St, Dublin 2.

#7 O’liva – Restaurant and Wine Bar

If you are looking for high quality pizza, that really puts an emphasis on it’s dough, O’liva might be your spot. It takes two whole days for the O’liva pizza base to be prepared, allowing the enzymes of the yeasts to work their magic on this special pizza base.  

The pizza: When munching on vegan pizza at O’liva you will have a choice between hard and soft vegan cheese. Their toppings range from basil, onions and garlic oil to aubergines, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and roasted peppers.

Location: 9 Grattan Crescent, Inchicore, Dublin 8.

#8 DiFontaine’s – Pizzeria

We can’t start talking about DiFontaine’s without saying how impressed we are with this pizzeria’s vegan-friendly spirit! When they decided to launch their vegan pizza, they first held a tastings event, asking vegans to come try their different vegan pizza options and help them decide which should go on the menu. If that doesn’t sound like a business that totally gets it – we don’t know what is! 

The pizza: The winner of the tastings menu, and the pizza that the vegan vote went, to was DiFontaine’s 3 Vegan Cheese blend (made with a combination of vegan Mozzarella shreds, vegan parmesan AND their very own, homemade Cashew Ricotta!). This pizza is now the vegan star of DiFontaine’s Pizzeria, and we, for one, simply can’t wait to try it!

Vegan Pizza at DiFontaines
3 Cheese Vegan Pizza at DiFontaines Pizzeria

Location: 22 Parliament Street, Dublin 2.

#9 Firehouse Pizza – Delivery and Takeaway

This firehouse themed pizzeria is highly accommodating to vegans, and people with food sensitivities. In addition to their menu and the various promo deals they offer, you will also be able to find a detailed list of all the ingredients and their suitability for vegans, on their website. This just makes life so much easier when you want to order, doesn’t it?

The pizza: Apart from their gluten-free bases, all pizza bases at the Firehouse Pizza are vegan! In addition, they have 5 different vegan pizza sauces, vegan mozzarella, and an incredibly long list of vegan toppings including sundried tomatoes, cashews, salsa, and bean sprouts.

Location 1: Firehouse Pizza in Ballymun, 11 College View, Dublin 9.
Location 2: Firehouse Pizza in Booterstown, 114 Rock Road.

#10 McGuinness Traditional Takeaway – Chipper

Remember the traditional chipper that offers a full vegan menu in addition to their regular one? Well, they make great vegan pizza too!

McGuinness’ pizza: McGuinness offers a 12” vegan pizza made to order. They use an extra melty vegan cheese that is one of the best we’ve tried, and offer a choice of toppings, including pineapple, peppers, olives, vegan bacon (!) and vegan battered sausage(!!!)

McGuiness Vegan Pizza
The McGuiness Traditional Takeaway vegan pizza, served with peppers, onion, vegan bacon and battered sausage. Photography by Amy Coyle.

Other vegan options at McGuinness: As mentioned, in addition to their vegan pizza, the McGuinness chipper also offers a full vegan menu. This includes burgers, kebabs, nuggets, and various chips and dips that are some of the best we’ve tasted, and are one of the most favourites stops on the Vegan Dublin Food Tour.

Location: 84 Camden Street Lower, Dublin 2.


Audience Choice – help other pizza cravers by sharing additional vegan pizza options across Dublin!

We hope you found our list of vegan pizzas in Dublin useful, and would really love to hear from you and know if there are other great vegan pizzas that we are missing on this list. Please feel free to share your recommendations in the comment section below and help other vegan pizza cravers find their way.



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