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Hurrah! You’re here because you’d like to take part in helping us make Ireland more vegan friendly.


If you arrived to this page, it means that you like what we’re doing, and would like to see us take on additional projects to bring veganism to the heart of the mainstream, here in Ireland.

We know that you can’t participate in all of our events and initiatives, but perhaps you would still like to actively support our various projects?

If you would like to help us bring more vegan initiatives to fruition, and help us make it as accessible and enjoyable as possible to be vegan here in Ireland, please consider joining the Vegan in Ireland Support Circle.

What is the Vegan in Ireland Support Circle?

Our subscribers circle is a way for us to keep connected and reward those who choose to support Vegan in Ireland on a monthly basis.

This support system will make it easier for us to grow our projects, introduce new initiatives, and grow our staff, while rewarding our loyal followers and supporters.  

How does it work? What kind of rewards will I get?

Those who subscribe to support our initiatives with an €11 monthly subscription fee (automatically transferred each month; can be easily cancelled at any time) will receive the following rewards.

Subscriber Rewards:

On the first month of joining the Vegan in Ireland Support Circle:
You’ll be added to the VIP mailing list, to be:
One of the firsts to receive updates and news from Vegan in Ireland,
As well as a delicious and exciting vegan recipe to your inbox, once a month. 


After 3 months of being part of the Vegan in Ireland Support Circle:
You will receive a special Members Only code which will allow you to enjoy various vegan products and services around Ireland at a discounted rate!   


After 6 months of being part of the Vegan in Ireland Support Circle:
You will receive a complimentary ticket to one of the Introduction to Plant Based Living events, which you could use or forward to a loved one as gift.  


After 9 months of being part of the Vegan in Ireland Support Circle:
You will receive a complimentary ticket of your choice to either The Vegan Dublin Food Tour or a Vegan in Ireland Cooking Class, which you could use or forward to a loved one as gift.  


After 12 months of being part of the Vegan in Ireland Support Circle:
You will be invited to a special meet up event, hosted by Vegan in Ireland.


After 15 months of being part of the Vegan in Ireland Support Circle:
You will receive a complimentary gift package of vegan chocolates, vegan cosmetics, and an additional surprise gift, posted to your home.


But most importantly, you will know that whatever successful project we launch, you took an active part in making it happen, thanks to your support. 

How do I start my support?

Thank you for your positive spirit in helping us grow! 
To start your support, please click the button below, and within a few seconds you will be directed to the sign up page to start your subscription.


Or, alternatively, please scroll below to learn more about who we are, what we’ve done so far, and what we plan on doing in 2109.

Who we are?

Vegan in Ireland launched in 2017 by Scott and Sivan Renwick, two passionate, almost decade long vegans, with the mission of making veganism in Ireland as accessible and enjoyable as possible for both locals and visitors. To learn more about us, please visit our About page.


What have we done so far?


2018 was a wonderful year for Vegan in Ireland.

Hundreds of participants in The Vegan Dublin Food Tours:
The Vegan Dublin Food Tour, which launched in 2017, grew from one food tour per week to two food tours per week, in 2018. We were honoured to hosted hundreds of people who are either vegan, or interested in veganism, exposing them to the abundance of vegan options on offer.


Collaboration with renowned, none-vegan chefs, to bring veganism into the mainstream:
We teamed up with some of the most renowned chefs around to bring veganism to the heart of the mainstream. We launched Ireland’s first Vegan Culinary Event series. Our collaboration with the chefs and local food and beverage experts yielded beautiful events, which took place at some of the most prestigious venues in Dublin, such as The Shelbourne Hotel (Vegan Afternoon Tea), Ananda Restaurant (Vegan Fine Dining), Kyoto Restaurant (Vegan Sushi Experience), and Hugo’s Wine Bar (Vegan Cheese and Wine). We showed that the vegan lifestyle can be fun, creative and indulgent – and no one needs to get hurt.


Veganism awareness via media and press:
Our tours, events, and food recommendations featured in various articles throughout the year, including The Irish Times, RTE, The Taste IE, All The Food, Totally Dublin, Living Kindly, The Journal IE and other national and international publications. The various publications are of importance as in addition to spreading the word about the events, they also bring awareness and create discussion points in homes throughout the country. To learn more about the press received, please visit our Press page.


Assisting vegan tourists, supporting local businesses:
Throughout 2018, via our vegan travel services,  we’ve assisted vegan tourists from Europe and North America in planning their vegan vacation to Ireland, directing them to local businesses who are either 100% vegan, or willing to accommodate for vegan guests with vegan options. By contacting local businesses throughout the country, asking them to accommodate our guests, we have contributed to the demand and awareness of vegan options, and assisted the various visitors who worked with us in getting delicious vegan options, even in the remotest parts.


What we’re planning for 2019?

We have LOTS of plans in store! Some of them you’ll be able to see below, while others… well, let us keep some surprises up our sleeve.

In general though, we are focusing, and looking into ways to introduce more events and options outside of Dublin, in addition to everything we currently do in the capital.

Here are some of the projects we are currently working on, and of course, more to follow throughout the year.

New event series: Introduction to Veganism and Plant-Based Living
January 2019 will see the first of a series of introductory events into veganism. The events, mixing experts’ presentations and knowledge with delicious food tastings, will allow people who are interested in either going vegan or learning how they can incorporate more plant-based foods into their diet, to join a 3 hour event which will assist them with all the basic how-to-get-started tips and advice.

Events will be €10 per person, and will include all the food and presentations given. We are looking into offering these events throughout the country, as well!


More tours, more culinary collaborations with restaurants and chefs
The tours and culinary events are a great way to introduce people to veganism AND pamper awesome people who are looking to expand their meal options. The food tours will be coming back in Feb 2019, and the culinary event series will re-launch in January, with Chef Yew’s Vegan Sushi Experience.


A Series of Vegan Food Guides:

We are VERY excited to be in the finalising stages of our first vegan guide in a series of guides to be released in 2019 to assist locals and visitors alike.


Plant-Based Cooking Classes:
Towards the end of 2018, we launched a series of vegan cooking classes, to help those interested in expanding their menu, and introducing more of plant-based foods to their diets. We kicked things off with a Christmas cooking class, showing how to create an extra festive plant-based Christmas meal, and then added winter cooking classes to the list.

In 2019 our variety of classes is going to grow! From classes dedicated to a vegan breakfast options, to classes dedicated to desserts, and even a Valentine’s class to help couples escape the crowds. You can learn more about this venture on our Plant-Based Cooking Classes page.


Would you like to support us in achieving all these projects and more?

If so, please consider joining our subscribers list, and take part in making these plans a reality.


To start your support, please click the subscribe button. You will then be directed to the sign up page to start your subscription. To cancel at any time, please email us at: