Planning and Organizing Your Vegan Irish Vacation



Are you are planning your vacation to Ireland and looking to maximise your holiday time? Would you like to receive guidance and advise from local vegan experts so you can sample some of Ireland’s most delicious foods and drinks?

Vegan in Ireland is here to assist!

Based on your interests, and based on your accommodation and dining preferences – we can help plan and organize your trip.

What are we offering?

A tailor made, vegan-friendly vacation itinerary based on your interests, dates, and preferences.

We’ll give you options to choose from, as well as insider’s tips and guidance – to make sure your time in Ireland is truly enjoyable and well spent.

What will the itinerary include?

  • Vegan and vegan friendly dining recommendations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • A selection of 2-3 accommodation options for each location you’ll be visiting, based on your budget.
  • A selection of activities and points of interest based on your interests.
  • Local insider’s tips and insights from technicalities (like transportation, cell phone service and wi-fi) to local hotspots, vegan-friendly activities, and seasonal events.

Who is the vegan-friendly vacation itinerary for?

Our itinerary services are suitable for individual and group travellers, as well as couples and families who are looking to experience Ireland in a vegan-friendly way.

Whether you are coming to Ireland on a business trip, a holiday, a romantic gateway, or a family vacation – we have activities, accommodation, and dining suggestions to help you make the most of your time here in Ireland.

We can also tailor-make a vegan honeymoon and a vegan anniversary package, including spa treatments and couples activities, to suit your festive romantic break.

How much do we charge?

Our itinerary services start from €49 (for a one day itinerary), and special rates are on offer for groups, and for itineraries of 5 days or more.

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