Vegan Burgers in Dublin | 11 Hot Spots to Grab a Delicious Vegan Burger

Our favorite type of activism is eating as much delicious vegan food as we possibly can. Showing the world that there is a high demand for vegan dishes, and subsequently helping increase the vegan options available, might be a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

Luckily, we are not alone in this pursuit. Other vegans out there are sharing the duty of eating delicious, cruelty-free foods. Foods like vegan pizzas… like vegan cakes… and, of course, vegan burgers too!

In the process of our activism we’ve been on a mission to find the best vegan burger in Dublin and it wasn’t easy, there is a lot of great competition out there.

Here are 11 places that serve great vegan burgers in Dublin:

1. The Electric Vegan – Vegan Cafe 

This is actually one of the best burgers we have ever tasted. EVER. And those who know us know that we have had our fair share of vegan burgers…

Yes, they have 2 burgers on their menu, but don’t waste any time debating, The Electric Vegan Mushroom Burger is the star of the show! It is made with King Oyster Mushrooms and is served with chips, salad or squash mash of your choice. Try it, and you will most definately come back for more.  

Electric Vegan Burger
Electric Vegan Burger made with King Oyster Mushrooms. Photography: Vegan in Ireland.


Additional perks? This is a VEGAN cafe – they have a FULL menu of delicious vegan treats.

Location: 5 Brabazon Hall, Ardee Street, Dublin 8.


2. McGuinness Traditional TakeAway – Vegan Friendly Chipper

There are 3 different vegan burgers offered at the McGuiness chipper to delight the senses:

The patty of their vegan Bacon Double Cheese burger is made with a non GMO soya, wheat, and spices. The cheese is violife, and the burger is also topped with the McGuinness homemade vegan mayo and basil pesto, along with some delicious vegan bacon made from tofu and various spices. The burger is finished off with fresh tomato and onion on a vegan bap and is a major hunger buster. 

McGuinness Vegan Burger Dublin
The McGuinness Vegan Burger. Image: Amy Coyle.

Their second burger is the Blackbean Burger made with organic black beans, whole grain brown rice, breadcrumbs with red onion and spices. This burger is served with mayo, ketchup, basil and pesto in a fresh vegan bap.

Then, finally, there is the Mcguinness’s Chickpea Burger, like the black bean burger this is also made in-house with organic chickpeas, smoked paprika and spices served with mayo, basil pesto, and ketchup on vegan bap.

Location: 84 Camden Street Lower, Dublin Southside, Dublin 2.


3. Serendipity – Vegan Café

Serendipity vegan burger dublin
The Serendipity Vegan Burger. Image: courtesy of Livingi Gym Phibsboro.

The Serendipity burger is made up of a vegetable patty, and includes avocado, vegan cheese, vegan mayo, and a vegan relish made with a special ingredient which they claim is love. So, if you need more love in your life, get down to Serendipity at Livingi gym in Phibsboro.

Location:  Livingi Gym, Cross Guns Business Park, Royal Canal Bank, Phibsborough, Dublin 7.


4. Shoots and Roots – Vegan Market Stall

Shoots and Roots vegan Burger Dublin
Shoots and Roots Vegan Burger, Image: courtesy of Shoots and Roots.

Shoots and Roots is a vegan food stall trading at some of Dublin’s best markets. They offer 2 types of vegan burgers: a sweet potato burger with black bean and cashew; and a butternut squash burger made with aduki bean and coconut. Both burgers are served with hummus and pesto, as well as a selection of salads.

Location: Shoots and Roots set up stalls at Eastpoint Business Park on Wednesdays, Mespil Road on Thursdays, and Sandyford Industrial Estate on Fridays. All markets run from 11:30 to 14:00. Their burgers can also be found at 9 of the Avoca stores around the country.


5. Moodley Manor – Vegan Food Truck

Moodley Manor Vegan Burger Dublin
Moodley Manor Vegan Burger. Image: courtesy of Moodley Manor.

Moodley Manor’s VFC (Vegan Fried Chick-Hun) Burger is probably one of the most popular burgers in Dublin, as anyone could have easily noticed in the summer of 2017 when they toured a variety of festivals and markets with their EAT MY VEG food truck. In the Dublin Vegfest, their burger was so popular, that they could hardly stop for a minute to catch their breath.

The Moodley Manor Vegan Food Truck
The Moodley Manor Vegan Food Truck. Image: courtesy of Moodle Manor.

The main feature of this burger is definitely the huge piece of VFC which is the brand’s chicken-style meat. They coat it in a double batter, and spice it specifically to be that more-ish and indulgent delicious explosion that everyone loves.

Location: Follow them on Facebook and ask where they will be next.


6. Agatrix Natural Nutrition – Vegan Market Stall

Agatrix Natural Nutrition Vegan Burger Dublin
Agatrix Natural Nutrition Vegan Burger. Image: courtesy of Agatrix Natural Nutrition.

Agatrix Natural Nutrition has three different types of vegan burgers on their menu:
The Classico Burger made with lentils.
The Hempathy Burger which won second place in the Irish Quality Food Awards.
And the Mexico burger made with hot beans and sun-dried tomatoes.

The Agatrix Natural Nutrition burgers are served in brown baps, or without baps on a bed of salads with hummus and avocado salsa and delicious dill or wild garlic mayo. ​All their offerings are homemade, including their sauces. ​

Location: East Point Market, Dublin, Ireland


7. On the Pig’s Back – Vegan-friendly Eatery

On the Pig's Back Vegan Burger Dublin
On the Pig’s Back Vegan Burger. Image: courtesy of On the Pig’s Back.

This eatery uses the Moodley Manor Boss Burger, and is famous for it even among non-vegan customers. Every so often they have special deals for vegans so follow them on Facebook so you don’t miss out. They also have delicious vegan desserts, including vegan milkshakes such as their strawberry Love Vegan and Chocolate Bomb Vegan, and even a new vegan apple pie that has been developed to enrich their vegan menu.

Location: 64 Capel St, Dublin 1, Dublin


8. The Counter – Burger Bar

What is The Counter’s vegan burger like? Well, that’s entirely up to you.  While The Counter’s vegan patty and bun remain the same, you choose all your own toppings and build your own combinations. This gives diners a wide scope to create something that suits their taste.

Toppings at The Counter include vegan cheese, a range of vegan sauces and dressings, and, of course, all of the classics toppings such as avocado, artichokes and many more. Once you build your masterpiece, you choose a side dish and you’re good to go.

Location: The Counter Suffolk Street, 20 Suffolk St, Dublin 2


9. Sova Vegan Butcher – Vegan Restaurant

Chia Burger at Sova Vegan Butcher
Chia burger with Coleslaw at Sova Vegan Butcher. Image: Vegan in Ireland.

The 100% vegan restaurant, Sova Vegan Butcher, offers a large Chia Burger served with a red onion marmalade, fermented cucumber, coleslaw, and jalapeño mayo. Take your time with this one…. we doubt you could fit it in a bite!

Location: 51 Pleasants Street, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin


10. Happy Food – Vegan Friendly Café

Happy Food Vegan Burger
Happy Food Vegan burger. Image: Amy Coyle.

The Happy Food vegan burger is a black bean and sweet potato burger, served with a caramelized onion jam, tomato, lettuce and their own vegan mayo, all wrapped in a in a rustic sundried tomato and jalapeño bun, served with a salad. Portions are generous, flavors are amazing.

Location: YogaHub, 27 Camden Pl, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin.


11. Box Burger – Eatyard Container

The Box Burger Seitan Vegan Burger. Image: courtesy of the Box Burger.

The Box Burger HQ may be based in Bray, but their vegan burger can also be found staring at their Dublin Eatyard Container. The Box Burger offers two vegan burger options on their menu:
The SEITAN Burger which consists of a double seitan patty, vegan cheese, lettuce, onion, pickle & ketchup, and is also served in a fluffy vegan bap (see image above).

CHICKPEA & PB - Vegan burger Dublin
The Box Burger CHICKPEA & PB Vegan burger. Image: courtesy of Box Burger.

The Chickpea & PB Burger, in which the patty is made with chickpeas, peanut butter, carrot, courgette and cumin, and is served with rocket, mango, cucumber, jalapeño and slaw in a fluffy, vegan bap.

Location: Bray and Dublin’s Eatyard. They operate at the Eatyard Thursday to Sunday (12 to 10pm).


We hope you’ve enjoyed our vegan Dublin burger guide and hopefully we’ve encouraged you to go out and try these delicious vegan burgers for yourself. Send us a message or leave us a comment and let us know what you think and if you have any additional vegan burger suggestions.

One thing is for sure, if you go vegan you definitely don’t have to give up eating burgers when you are out and about. Especially if you’re in Dublin.

**Article first published: Feb 28th, 2018. Updated: Aug 19th, 2018**


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